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    The crew of the 'Happy Adventure' were in high spirits this weekend! It has been a a few weeks since KCATLFH had been on the road or played any shows, we were collectively starting to feel the burden of regular work hours and life in general. D.H. Lawrence famously wrote  -

    "There are three cures for ennui: sleep, drink and travel." So taking his advice we packed up the bus  and headed to Smithers for a weekend of beer, music, snowboarding and friends!

    We've been working  on getting current material ready for our first ever LP as well as writing new songs, which is an ever ongoing process for us. Sometimes members of the band will talk something up for months before ever letting anyone hear what their working on. "I'm guilty of this, I know," but sometimes someone will just sit down and sing something that just catches us of guard and gets us  stoked to get back in the garage practicing! The latter has happened a few times in the last weeks, and I'm personally inspired by it and can't wait for practice.  

    The other big news from the weekend was a feature interview with Scott Taylor on CICK 93.9 on Smithers Community Radio!  The studio is in a decommissioned rail car in downtown Smithers and had great vibe. Once we got there we found out that we weren't just 'recording' a quick interview and a couple songs but that we were doing an hour of LIVE music and conversation. So  four of us crammed in for an intimate show, it was great fun, and always exciting to be live! The show will air again on Wednesday (April 17) night and I'llget back to you with a link to the stream feed! Thanks so much to Scott for the opportunity!

    Anyways, it's getting on in the evening and I must be going, thanks everyone for an eventful evening! See ye soon, CHEERS!    -Jeff Chapman



04/15/2013 9:42pm

No problem Jeff! It was great fun. Can't wait to have you folks back!


uncle dave,
04/15/2013 9:53pm

waiting for next cd and your next visit to calgary and area CHEERS!!!!!!!!


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