Here in the wake of a great summer of music and friends, we find ourselves, for the first time in a long while, taking some time of from playing gigs. We are a band that feels most comfortable playing live on stage,  with all you guys dancing out in front!  But it is time, time  to buckle down and work on our first full length album. 

    In this down time I was thinking back to a couple years ago and to how the band got started. A lot of us had played together off and on over the years.  I'm thinking  more of the first few times we got together as a group, that would become King Crow.

     I remember sitting cross legged, in an empty living room. Sam, who was virtually a stranger, pulled items from a lady's hand bag. Picks, slides, harmonicas, ammunition, a bowey knife and finally a bottle of red wine. Wine we  shared while playing through songs for the first time. I remember Bob teaching us the chords to the first original pieces we played. I remember writing chord progressions down on the back of my guitar, and medleys of fiddle pieces arranged by Jamie.  

    The first gig we played was  Apple Fest, a harvest festival that was supposed to be come an annual event in Terrace. We were asked to play background music for pie tasting, face painting and apple bobbing. We managed to put together a rough sets of a few pieces we'd written, and filled it in mostly with covers of old traditional songs that that we had had picked up over the years . Those who were there, witnessed some one time only songs for the band, including Sam taking the lead and singing. (which I recently discovered I have a video of if anyone's interested) 

    Well, on arriving to the arena banquet room, and donning  our red apple fest T's,  we were asked for the name of our motley crew and we did the best we could on the spot.  Anyways before we were "King Crow and the Ladies From Hell", we were "Granny Smith and the Bad Apples" .Nervous and awkward as it may have been,  here's a lil taste of that.      -Jeff



09/28/2013 8:26pm

Effing awesome ! Thanks for sharing, everyone's so serious, and so virgin. You've come a long way. Hoping to see you go so much further.


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